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Imagine a whole bunch of various dogs wagging their tails, barking and running around, waiting for you! If you are fond of pets and want to adopt a few, this game is exactly what you need. Start with hatching one funny puppy and watch it grow and develop its own personality.

Apart from that, Wobbledogs is an impressive playground for those who want to engage into experiments with genetics. Breed your own kind of dogs with the best characteristics and extraordinary appearance. Start with two ordinary animals and gradually improve the traits of the next generations.

Release the stress and enjoy hilarious pets!

Most of the time, when you are not busy with complex genetic engineering, you will take care of the animals you already have. Watch them play with each other, build curious constructions and fool around, of course! Don’t forget to interfere with the course of events from time to time to make sure that everyone feels happy and gets lots of pets.

To diversify the usual routine, there is even an opportunity to travel to different locations! Take your whole litter to the local shop and buy some ingredients for the next couple of days or go to the park and let your pets frolic to their heart’s content.

Streamer Life Simulator

A life of a streamer can be full of surprises, good and bad ones. This amusing game shows all sides of this popular profession, from the hard beginning to the immense fame and millions of followers. Start your career now and become one of the most renowned creators of all times!

However, streaming can’t fulfil all your needs when you have just entered the realm of translations and games. So, find yourself an additional job while you are still evolving, to pay bills and to buy food for you and your four-legged friend. Don’t forget to sleep well either!

In this field customisation plays a great role, too. Make your hero look unique to attract more viewers and increase your ratings. Also, pay attention to the equipment and try to save up for a good computer, keyboard and mouse to improve your skills. Find a way to amaze the audience and become a star!

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