Please Stop Crying Baby

Please Stop Crying Baby

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Please Stop Crying Baby

What can be cuter than a little baby, smiling to you? But when the baby’s mood changes, so does the overall picture and now it doesn’t look this adorable. But if you are its parent, you have to deal with both variants. Take a step into the life of a dad in Please Stop Crying and survive a couple of minutes without the mom’s help.

Gameplay Please Stop Crying

Your shift begins and it means that you are left with an angry kid face to face. Who will prevail in this confrontation? On one hand, you are an adult and can think swiftly, generating various options and approaches to accomplish as many tasks as possible. On the other hand, an infant, who always gets in the way and distracts you with loud wailing.

The gameplay in Please Stop Crying includes several essential mechanics and one of them is pacifying the kid. Approach it and quickly catch, before it runs far away, still crying. Rock it to the left and to the right to amuse the baby and make it laugh again.

However, the game won’t let you be near your offspring all the time, as there is another business, which cannot be delayed. Apart from the child, your wife entrusted you with five chores that are aimed at cleaning up the house and fixing the mess caused by the baby. Hurry up to wash all the clothes and dishes, until she is back!

What can possibly go wrong?

It seems that there is nothing difficult in cutting overgrown grass or throwing the garbage out, but this game will make you reconsider. Your obnoxious, but fast little one just knows when to start the next tantrum and it is always the most inconvenient moment ever.

Moreover, some items are spread across the house in a way that makes it quite problematic to discover all of them. Please Stop Crying requires you to know exactly where the objects are situated to complete the game without any failures. Although, one mistake doesn’t mean it is the end of it all! Try again and achieve the title of the best parent.

Although, your wife won’t be happy, if she sees unclean dwelling and distressed child rushing towards. But don’t even hope to escape her righteous indignation! Watch the colours of the game become dim and your soul gets at your heels, as the woman gets closer.

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