Please Stop Crying Online

Please Stop Crying Online

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Please Stop Crying Online

Would you like to experience the most excruciating day from parenthood? Do you wish to challenge yourself with a naughty crying child, who won’t let you do any other job? Then welcome to Please Stop Crying, a game where you are transformed into a despondent dad, who is left alone with a little menace.

Gameplay Please Stop Crying

The game starts with a brief conversation between the main hero and his cheerful wife. It seems like the mom is going to do some groceries, so you are the one who is going to take care of the baby while she is away. As easy as it sounds, in fact, the mission will be an extreme survival!

Pick up the upset kid and sway it a little to entertain and distract for a minute or two. Use the short moments of peace to get all your chores done. Turns out the house is a real mess! The game implies you to accomplish five different quests with a reckless infant running here and there, interfering with your work.

Quickly explore the house to discover the objects you need to put in order. You may find crumpled piles of dirty clothes, dishes with food leftovers and garbage, scattered everywhere. How much time will it take you to clean everything and satisfy all the baby’s needs?

What do you need to win in Please Stop Crying?

To become the best dad in Please Stop Crying, you need a great deal of agility and good memory. Firstly, swiftly go around the building and note all items with which you can interact. This way, it is possible to develop a successful strategy and plan your pursuit to minimise extra movements. Remember that every second matters in this game!

Although you won’t probably complete everything until the mother returns, you have an unlimited number of tries, so nothing stops you from creating your very own tactic. Figure out the fastest ways to wash the dishes, mown the weed-covered lawn and throw filthy t-shirts in the washing machine.

Keep your offspring close

The main difficulty the player faces is the fact that the kid is absolutely uncontrollable and it can move throughout the whole building and stop anywhere to release its anger. Once you have heard the first signs of a tantrum, you have no other choice than to put off the work and rush to the infant to soothe it.

Thus, the best approach is to keep an eye on the restless child and to take up the chores that are situated near it. It is better to do something gradually, then to waste time looking for the source of desperate crying and running around the house. Rationalise the run and make the mom proud of you!

If you don’t, prepare for a nightmarish scene though! You have no right to make mistakes, as you should handle everything considering your child, being a responsible parent. Will you manage to bear the consequences of your sluggishness when the mother of your infant comes back?

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