Please Stop Crying 2

Please Stop Crying 2

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Please Stop Crying 2

Please Stop Crying is an enthralling baby care simulator, which is going to make you wonder if being a parent is worth it. Take a look at one day of running after a weeping kid and re-evaluate your values. Will you prove that you are the best dad ever or will you be forced to handle the bitterness of defeat?

Gameplay Please Stop Crying

This unusual horror game starts with the most common narrative – a young mom goes to buy some food and asks a dad to stay at home and watch the baby. Besides, there are some chores that need to be done today, so this will be included in your routine, too.

However, as soon as the mother leaves the house, everything immediately goes wrong! The kid is crying wildly and it turns out that there are lots of things to do apart from trying to pacify your offspring. Please Stop Crying gives you just a couple of minutes for this impossible challenge and the quicker you get it done the better your result will be!

Note that your precious infant in Please Stop Crying has an anger indicator that grows with each second. As soon as it reaches its peak, the kid begins its everlasting song and you are forced to leave whatever you have been doing and hustle to the source of chaos to make it stop, at least for some time.

Don’t bring it to the catastrophe!

In this game you are responsible for absolutely everything and there is no one to help you out in a difficult situation. So, rely only on yourself and invent the best approaches to deal with your biggest problems all alone. Take up any chore you see first and proceed to the other ones with the speed of a lightning.

At the same time, don’t get upset if you don’t make it in time from the initial try! Please Stop Crying has a little surprise for those who are always late. Change the spectrum of feelings from the annoyance and desperation to the utmost fear and all-consuming anxiety, as the mom comes home and sees that you failed.

Set a new record!

Please Stop Crying is an extremely entertaining game, where you are strictly limited in time, which usually leads to many mistakes at the beginning. But with experience and patience, it is possible to bring your results to a different level and prove that you are a super parent.

With the correctly set destination and a bit of luck, you may beat Please Stop Crying easily and finally calm down the naughty low-polygonal child. Venture for more and never stop on the current rating, as the game always has a better option!

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