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Please Stop Crying Online Game

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Please Stop Crying Game Online

    Do you want to feel all the hardships of parent’s life? Please Stop Crying will show you the difficulties you are unable to avoid when you have a kid. In this game you are left desperate together with your own offspring and there is no one who can help you. Will you manage to deal with everything and not go mad?

    Who developed Please Stop Crying?

    This incredible game is the fourth work of Konrad Pawlikowski and it was released by Cloudless Studio on 27 March 2024. Simple graphical design is an essential part of it, as it helps to concentrate on the process without being distracted by any extra details.

    The topic of Please Stop Crying is rather uncommon for a horror game. Mother is gone shopping and the dad stays at home to take care of an infant. However, a poor baby immediately starts crying when its mother is gone and you need to placate it from time to time, also managing multiple chores.

    Check out the full version of Please Stop Crying on pc and various mods for it! This short sneak-peek into parenthood will demonstrate how annoying children get sometimes and teach you how to cease their tantrums easily.

    How to play Please Stop Crying

    Having an upset kid on your hands, try to do something to prevent it from making chaos! The gameplay implies only one way to make the baby happy again. But firstly, you need to catch your mischievous and shrieking offspring, as it runs around the house pretty quickly.

    However, once you finally grab a naughty infant, click the right mouse button restlessly, until you see the anger indicator go back to normal. And then, as if by magic, the child smiles again, ready to attempt something more. Prepare to always stumble upon the fidgety little one and don’t let your cup of patience overflow!

    At the same time, your beautiful wife leaves a whole list of chores to complete before she gets home. Please Stop Crying needs you to combine babysitting and housework successfully to survive this couple of minutes and return to a peaceful life. But if you fail, the game guarantees a tantalising punishment for you!

    What tasks do you need to do in Please Stop Crying?

    There are a whole of five different things you need to somehow get done while the mother is out for groceries. Although, the baby is still here and it demands your attention whenever it wants, so keep yourself together and invent a plan to carry out all the business swiftly.

    1. Leave no dish dirty. It looks like you have just had family dinner. Carry the plates to the dishwasher and let the device make them squeaky clean and ready for the next meal.
    2. Gather dirty clothes. The next step in your routine is the laundry. When you have a baby, there is no time to put dirty T-shirts and pants in the laundry basket, so take some time to collect all of them to the washing machine.
    3. Make the floors shine. The floors look messy too, so find a vacuum cleaner and fix it. There are many dust spots throughout the house, thus, go as fast as you can.
    4. Get the nasty garbage out. This one should be easy, as all you need to do is to carry a back bag with the garbage out to the garbage bin.
    5. Mow the lawn. Finally, when you are already outside, clean up the lawn and get rid of all the overgrown grass. Ensure that your offspring is not on your way though!

    What makes Please Stop Crying a horror game?

    Although this exciting little project may not look like a standard horror, it definitely features some horrid moments. The whole experience with the infant who won’t stop its tantrums is something which can cause anxiety and despair. Besides, there is something more terrifying waiting for you ahead, in case you don’t finish everything in time!

    Every time you hear a plaintive cry, you need to stop whatever you were doing to end it. This means a lot of time wasted, as the infant can be anywhere, even outside of the building. Listen to the noise and determine the destination this way. Note that speed is everything here, as you wouldn’t like to face the angry mom later.


    Please Stop Crying is a game that reveals unpleasant sides of parenthood, picturing the moments when you have to deal with numerous things at the same time. But in case you are an experienced dad, the mods are always available to make the day even more insufferable!

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